Take time out from the Drama & Stress of Your Life’s Issues

We are constantly challenged in life, be it with our work, partnership, health issues, our life’s responsibilities and demands. There is often drama, exasperation, anger or depression accompanying the stress of encountering these challenges.

drop the mask

Drop the Mask by Dan Kirchoff

Here’s a chance to share what’s going on.
Maybe to find out that you’re not alone.
Maybe to get advice/support from other men.

Maybe it’s time to drop the mask

  • – of the guy who’s got it all under control
  • – of the martyr sacrificing himself for others
  • – the hero with super-powers to fix everything
  • – the victim of outrageous fortune

Maybe even

  • – the clown unruffled by it all
  • – a bored guy to whom nothing ever happens
  • – the recluse hiding out in his safe world

How about a virtual challenge course?

We’ve found that most men get a great deal out of sharing what’s going on with them and being heard by a circle of men. We want to maximize the opportunities for that this weekend by structuring the Saturday morning workshop time as a series of challenges you’ll confront as a small group – some physical, some creative – all revealing the issues, obstacles and fears that keep us from growing.

Come be challenged. Confront your weaknesses and fear and build up your strengths and trust.
As a community of men we will gather and talk and support each other through the process of dealing with challenges, attempting to find the reasons and resolve the stresses…
…Without the Drama.

Maybe you’ll Rewrite the Screenplay of your Life!

We’ll be at Tanglewood Camp in Lincolnville, Maine

the weekend of October 14 – 16, 2016.

Upload and print the Fall Registration Flyer here!

Had enough drama yet?

Let’s talk about it: drama, stress, your life issues

“Challenges of Our Lives”

Rewrite the screenplay of your soap opera.

What roles have you been playing and what new ones need to be embraced?

  • celebrate your successes

  • share the things that bug you

  • get support from men who have been there

  • support other men with your wisdom and experience

SAVE THE DATE: October 14-16, 2016

We’ve made up a poster you can print and post at the co-op, hardware store, dance hall, any place where men can see it. Download it at MCM Poster_10-16