Enrollment flyers are going into the mail tomorrow.  We included:

  • an extra so you can share with a friend and
  • a poster to put up at your local co-op bulletin board.

If you are not on our mailing list, download a flyer here

or maybe a poster here

and get yourself registered as soon as possible.

Drawing of Mount Fuji in Japan by Dan Kirchoff. ©2018

Do you have a passion that you love to share? Maybe you love to. . .

===> Get a fire going with friction

===> Discover new recipes

===> Guide people through transitions

===> Live without debt

===> Forage for wild food

===> Change careers later in life

===> Lose weight and keep it off

===> Take vacations to exotic destinations

===> Help people find the partner of their dreams

===> or something better!

No matter what your passion may be, sharing your ‘secrets’ to success or your passion is what we are looking for this upcoming retreat weekend.

Give us a clear vision of what you want to present in a workshop (generally 90 minutes).

Come up with a title for the workshop.

Let us know what supplies or tools the workshop will need, if anything.

If there is a cost involved, let us know so we can negotiate a budget.

Workshop spots are limited, so please respond to us within a couple of weeks so we can help solidify an agenda and help share your passion.

If you don’t have something to share but know of someone who would be an excellent workshop facilitator, please pass this message along.

Thank you,

Vincent and David

Put it on your calendar now so you don’t miss out.

We’ll be at Tanglewood 4H Camp in Lincolnville once again.

For the Maine Coast Men gathering for Spring 2018 we will be exploring passion. Come ready to stretch and explore. Come ready to share your own stories and passion.

Some things to think about.
What drives your passion?
When did you get your passion?
Teach us a part of your passion!

See You In May!