Board Meeting

Board Mtg Dec 2011

Attention: Mark your Calendars Today

MCM Board Meeting – February 5, 2012 2-4 PM Potluck  –

           Ham Niles’ place in Belfast

Program Committee – January 15, 2012 12 PM Lunch 1 PM Meeting –

           Richard Garrigus place in Westbrook

I have volunteered to do the following: As soon as I receive the list of names I will send that and the photos from last weekend to you.

The attachments above as requested. The License Agreement has been dated for the 9th of December. I have not signed it as of yet. I wanted the board members to see it and read it first. If you have any questions/concerns please let me know. I plan on printing it off and sending it to Tanglewood by the end of this week.

Patricia Chapman asked me to speak with the maintenance person since I am new to the position of MCM Liaison and that is as follows:

A great conversation with Rich Bouchard the maintenance person on 12/14/11.


Rich is willing to work with MCM and other groups as to situations where fires are involved for ceremonies and programs etc. other than designated fire places.

He has no problem with us using a wheelbarrow or other metal container to have a small fire and moving it from outside into the fireplace in the great hall especially with large groups, which increases safety. Buckets of water also are important. He suggested that we put sand in the bottom of the metal ‘container.’

I asked him about sweat lodges. He is willing to ‘walk about’ the property to pick out a spot for this to occur with those that would be involved with conducting the workshop. (? of contacting John Bly?)

Luminarias were discussed also. If used he asks that the area surrounding each one be raked first as a precaution.

He mentioned a really ‘cool’ idea……freezing water in a container and placing a balloon in the center to create a hole. After it is frozen remove the container and place a votive type candle in the hole and light it.

He also discussed the smoking policy. The university has placed a smoking ban on all properties owned by them. Tanglewood 4-H Camp is owned by the state. His basic concern is that smoking does not occur in the camps buildings. He noted that over the years he has not smelled cigarette smoke in the cabins after we have used the premises. Smoking is to be in designated places such as the veranda at the main building or on graveled areas.

At the end of the conversation I invited him to join us if he so desires. He said he has appreciated the invites he has received from us over the years but after working there all week he wants to get home. I suggested that he come into work late in the morning and stay over for the potluck dinner Friday evening. He liked the idea and also having the opportunity to talk to us as a group. I will reiterate this in May when I speak with him before the weekend.

Also, Find Attached (available by request only)

The License Agreement to be signed for each weekend.

The Fees and Policies for Tanglewood 4-H Camp.

The Minutes from the MCM Board meeting of October 20, 2011.

The Bill for the last weekend.

I enjoyed compiling this information for MCM. Any changes, comments, additions, etc. please let us all know, therefore keeping everyone on the same page!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Love Joe

PS – My Motto is “Communication is Key”