About MCM


When was the last time you spent some time with the guys? I mean a weekend kinda time. With GUYS. Talking, playing music, eating great food, hanging out in the Maine woods at a rustic camp, recharging yourself. You can come, bring something to share, or just take it all in.

We meet twice yearly, at the Tanglewood 4H Camp in Lincolnville, Maine. We open with a circle of our peers, where each man stands and speaks about the theme set for the weekend as to himself and what he hopes to do or accomplish. We have workshops of all kinds, put on by guys attending the weekend, on our families. our careers, our lives, drumming, singing, dancing, storytelling, and the list goes on. The food is vegetarian, prepared by the attendees volunteering over the weekend, and everyone helps out. There’s a “variety” show, where men get to show off what they know, or perhaps have fun with what they don’t.The weekend comes to a close with another circle where we can all share what we’ve experienced and learned.
Then . . . you stay in touch with your new friends and make plans to come back!

To find out more about the weekend, stay tuned for the “MCM Brochure”. The following quotes are from men that have attended MCM weekends:

MCM is a phenomenal organization. My son is 24 years old and has attended each weekend since he turned 13. I have had no qualms sharing my son because of the trust I have in my brothers even when I was unable to attend. He has been accepted for himself, nurtured and loved unconditionally. What more could a father ask? Love Joe



Coming to MCM weekends is like you might imagine the experience of arriving at an oasis after time alone in a desert. Our daily lives are crowded, we don’t necessarily get the opportunity to devote much time to considering what our hearts have in mind for us, so for those who like to devote time, one can develop a wicked thirst…The weekends are an invitation to drink from the waters of authenticity: good wholesome fun, fabulous food, workshops on a diverse range of topics, soulful sharing, laughter, connection, and so much more…. Richard



My Maine experience, especially the weekend,  has been refreshing, stimulating and, strangely, like coming home. Thank you for helping it to be so.  I enjoyed the time with you.  I hope to be back. Chris



Not only have I found my own voice at Maine Coast Men, but I’ve found a community of men as well. The weekend challenges me and gives me gifts each time I attend. I find I can go out on a limb and take a risk in great, supportive company. Dan