Board Meeting

Board Mtg May 2012

Maine Coast Men, Board Meeting 5-20-12,  minutes

The board met at Ham’s.  We appreciate his willingness to share his home, and fairly central location.
Present were Carl S, Dan K, Charles G,  Ham N, Joe R, Brad P, Ian C, and Lew M.

Among items discussed:
ORGANISATION STUFF:  Timeline before next MCM Weekend (which is scheduled for October 12-14, as I understand it ) as follows:  the brochure will be ready for mailing on Aug. 31.   Deadline for submitting content to  Dan K, for inclusion in brochure, is Aug. 13.
Next board meeting is scheduled for Aug. 19, again at Ham’s,  and any man from the MCM community is welcome.

Program Committee Meeting – June 24th Lori’s Café at Noon and 1 PM at Joe R’s.

Registration Note:  register by Sept. 12 and receive $10 off the $100 Weekend cost.

BUSINESS MEETING-TYPE STUFF:  As an idea to  streamline biz-meeting, we plan to post a board at the Weekend, outlining jobs, and who is scheduled for each job.
Something similar will be  posted, where each attendee can record his number of nights spent at the weekend, and in which cabin (or other location).
( Joe R, as Tanglewood liaison, will forward  number of bunks in cabins to Carl S, our  Head Greeter).

TREASURER’S REPORT:   Ian C. reported that we are currently $ 882.77  In The Black.
Also, there is some plan to switch banks, to streamline the Treasurer’s work.

(We agreed to suspend specific fund-raising efforts, for now, but  we encourage the greater community to donate at any time, to bolster MCM’s kitty.  Contact Ian C.)

(Thanks to BA for initiating) a fund for Tanglewood’s chimney repair raised $182.00 which has been sent on to them.

Discussion around program expenditures settled on $50 as a suggested limit, for now.

Medical Kit:  Joe R and Dan W will shoot for putting something decent together for $100 or less.

ONLINE PAYMENT YEA OR NAY: We‘ve chased this one around quite a bit, along with all the other online options, and decided the policy, for the foreseeable future,  is to skip online registration / payment.  We WILL maintain the brochure/ registration PDF on the website, so guys can print, fill out, and mail in forms if they wish.

This subject segues into:

REGISTRAR NEEDED:   By August 1,  we really do need, actually, 2 people to fill the Registrar role.  We (the Board) are doing some of the registrar duties, so it’s a pretty streamlined process, for any who may offer to take this role.   Please contact Charles C with offers or questions.
ALSO, we understand the benefits of a fully modern, and functional, online presence.
SO, we challenge someone with the know-how (and the time and energy) to take this project on.
Meanwhile, we are grateful to Vince D, for his web work, and are currently adding Dan K and Ben R to support him.

NEW JOB TITLE:  KEEPER OF THE MAILING LIST.   Congratulations Ham, who will divide the list of names to various members of the board (namely Lew, Joe, [honorary board-member], and Ham) who’ve agreed to call men with Registrar request.

This meeting was run on a tight schedule, so we could not attend to every item on the Agenda.  Tabled, for now, were 1)  discussion of lighting requirements in the Hall,
2) concerns regarding sharing copyrighted video material at the Weekend,
and 3) discussion of a one-time fund-raising plan put forward by Tom J,  at  the recent Weekend, after the Impassioned Plea of Tanglewood’s director.

Thank you for your patience with my minute-taking “skills”. And if you have anything to add, feel free to contact me, or another Board member.  It’s an honor to be part of this community,
Lew M.

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