Board Meeting

Board Meeting Nov 2013


Present, at Ham’s, were: board members Ham N, Carl S, Don M, Brad P, Dave H, Lew M, and Michael S. Also present was Bob O, new Keeper of the Mailing List, and who may have other titles I’m not aware of.

Agenda items, from business meeting at Weekend: online vs. paper registration; whether to negotiate with Tanglewood, around payment amount vs. lack of power-grid, at last Weekend; possibility of Ham (and Lew) retiring; the absence of a program committee, coming out of last weekend.
Added to these, from Joe R, a request to post the list of volunteers (for Spring ’14 Weekend), and pertinent Board info, on the website.

Addressing these items: the online registration conversation is open, but with no current plans. We look to Bob O, Tom B, and Vince D, for leadership, if they so choose.
We voted to let Tanglewood ‘off the hook’ around any discount re ‘no power’. They’ve been generous with us, over the years… we decided to return the favor. (They even trusted us to pay what we thought fair, around this issue.)
Of course, Treasury items were discussed, with Don, and we are in the black, by a narrow margin.
Ham and Lew are open to being replaced… but no decisions were made, regarding this. (Please direct all applicants to the officer concerned.)
Joe’s request was granted.
Discussion of mailing list /master list, and phone-guys-before- weekend list, roster/ photo occurred, with some satisfaction. (We agreed: we are just Guys.)
A lively discussion, around ‘Program’ wrapped-up the official part of the meeting. This is a work in progress, and the board will continue to develop a program for the next Weekend.
We are open to contribution.
Next MCM Weekend is: May 2-4, 2014.
Lew Mc