Board Meeting

Board Mtg Early 2013

It was a well attended meeting, with Ham (thanks, once again, for venue and goodies), Don, Carl (no email, that’s why he’s not in the ‘to’ box),Dan,Brad, Sepp, and Lew present.
We went over the list of meal-volunteers, for Brad’s planning benefit.
We discussed a payment snafu – to Tanglewood  (evidently caused, in part, by Ian not being able to attend weekend before last)- which has been sorted out by Ian. Some discussion led to plans for avoiding this kind of trouble in the future. Ham was tasked with follow-through, here.
Speaking of finances, I gather we do not currently have money ahead enough to front Brad. As he’s done, at times, in the past, he will purchase next weekend’s foodstuffs, on faith.  We owe him our gratitude, to say the least.
Registrar:  We think we have John B. lined-up to take over from Tom’s capable hands.  Brad agreed to follow-up with John and Tom, so we have continuity there.
Recruitment: as sometimes happens, there was a modest amount of frothing and splashing, over how to get more guys to the Weekend.
Facebook.  Those of us who use it are reminded to use the MCM page as a forum: i.e. “hey guys, what would get you here?” kind of thing.
Women.  One of last weekend’s new guys attributed the advertising (is this an inappropriate term?) of a lady-friend as his reason for attending… so, perhaps you’d let your female aquaintences know we encourage them to spread the good word…?
Phone. We are welcomed to ‘pester’ Ham, for a list of guys to phone (if we are inclined to the task), about one month before the next Weekend, as he is the current Keeper of the Master List.

We agreed, after some consideration, that the cost of attendance will remain $100, for the next weekend. Breaking down the cost of hall/kitchen rental, cabins, food, insurance etc… we are encouraged to pay full freight, AND to recruit additional men !!
The date of the next Weekend will be Oct. 18-20.