Board Meeting

Board Mtg Feb 2012

MCM Board Meeting
2-05-2012 2 pm to 5pm
Attending: Charles Guilford, Tom Jamrog, Dan Kirchoff, Ham Niles, Lew McGregor,
Carl Stoddard
Excused: Ian Collins, Don Morrison, Ben and Joe Rehmeyer, Dan Engle
MIA: Frank Lehman
1. Program- Resetting Your Personal GPS
a. Progress report- Theme set, committee is busy with details and workshop
ideas , 2 so far from Joe who has challenged the board each to come up
with ideas for workshops.
b. Promotion- Need list for personal calls to membership- Ham will
distribute to Joe, Tom, Ben, Vince, and Charles
i. Press releases will go to BDN, Free Press, Villages Soup, LCN,
WERU and KJ a month before the weekend-Dan
ii. Centerfold for brochure will be ready for approval by March 4-
iii. Calls to membership by program and others- Tom and others
iv. HARD COPY Brochure and poster out 6 weeks before weekend
March 23- Vince
c. Website has right dates and verbiage now. Dan K will address the
current“About MCM” which needs attention as the paragraph there now
“Wanna sweat? Wanna grow? Wanna play? Wanna get away? Wanna
connect with other men? Wanna learn new tricks? Wanna hear bad jokes?
Wanna eat good food? Wanna tell bad jokes?
Then, what are you waiting for? Join us in a weekend of adventure. Bring
books, cards, games, toys, musical instruments, drums, attitude.
We gather twice a year, for a weekend of growth, fun and relaxation. See
you there.”
2. Registration/ Registrar
a. Lack of attendance list and photo last 2 weekends and how to approach the
problem. Ideas included separating responsibilities for vital roles into 2
parts as for Treasurer and Poobah. More bodies are going to be put in the
area of promotion, outreach and similar functions. Oversight and creative
collaboration will increase to help this weekend be the biggest in recent
b. Printing list and photo and distributing them at the weekend was discussed
and had some support. Will be tabled until next meeting MARCH 11 @2
pm @ Ham’s House 185 Back Belmont RD, Belfast 04915
c. Ben and Charles will jointly take on the INCOMING functions of the
registrar job i.e. logging registrations mailed back and sending out
confirmation letters and being on site at Tanglewood to register men at the weekend, collect $ if not already current, tracking who is bunking where
and the photo.
i. Ham will call Vince about brochure mailing and website access
and partner with him about covering that function in future
3. Money
a. Ian is holding the bag for our collective financial misadventures-$300 and
needs to be repaid- Charles is kicking in $25 and Ham suggested that the
board and other central figures do the same and send it to Ian directly any
surplus to stay in account..
b. If we need to round up more $ beyond what the board and others can
contribute- a note should go out to those who attended the last weekend.
List compiled by Joe R is being appended with numbers and details for
that purpose
4. Underage Youth
a. Current minimum age for boys with parent or guardian is 11. Discussion
was centered on raising this to something higher. Vote on age 14 was
passed unanimously. Dan K will edit brochure to reflect this change
b. Age 18 or older can attend unaccompanied. It was suggested that new men
in general especially those with youngsters attending or younger men
should have a point contact who checks in with them periodically in the
weekend- a mentor or sponsor. No action was taken on this idea.

NEXT MEETING: March 11, 2pm at the H house in Belfast (Maine, not Ireland).
Meeting Adjourned