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Wabi-Sabi Living

Two Japanese words are joined to convey a certain look, feeling and world perspective.

“Wabi” means simplicity, humility and living in tune with nature. It describes someone who is content with little and who makes the most of whatever is at hand – always moving toward having less.

“Sabi”, on the other hand, refers to what happens with the passing of time. It’s about transience and the beauty and authenticity of age. Practicing sabi is learning to accept the natural cycle of growth and decay, as well as embracing the imperfections that come with this progression.

Together, wabi and sabi form a feeling that finds harmony and serenity in what is uncomplicated, unassuming, mysterious and fleeting.


The image of a farmer balancing two baskets
on a yoke across his shoulders.

How does one embrace the inevitability
of decline and old age?
By simplifying until there is nothing left.
By eliminating expectations so that nothing is wanting.
The superior man dies broke having given his all in the end.


nothing lasts,
nothing is finished and
nothing is perfect.


Maine Coast Men weekend 55

at Tanglewood 4H Camp, Lincolnville, Maine

the weekend of October 13, 14 & 15, 2017

Come explore what wabi-sabi living might look like in your life.

Download registration form HERE.


Download a PDF of the registration form (Click Here),
print it, fill it out and mail it to the address on the form.

You will be sent a confirmation letter with most of the same info in it as well as what to bring to the weekend.


It would be great if you have a local bulletin board where you could put up a flyer to let other men know about our weekends. Download a poster (Click for Poster) and get the word out there.  Thanks!