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IMPORTANT May Weekend Retreat News

Dear MCM Community,

The MCM Board voted earlier this week to CANCEL the May Weekend Retreat at Tanglewood. It is the responsible thing to do as we look at the number of young men we have over 65 and the general health of our population.  

This is a time that we need to reach out to the men we care for (as well as women) to be sure that isolation does not complicate their lives or ours. 

If any of you need to contact a man that has been at a weekend retreat remember that after each weekend we sent out contact lists that you may still have. 

If you need assistance in contacting someone please e-mail one of the 3 of us:  

…and request to be put in contact with the person you are thinking about.   We will then contact that man and provide your info to them so they can get in touch with you. We do this in the event a man does not want to be contacted for any reason at this time.

The board at MCM will be working on ways for us to stay in touch and support each other in these unprecedented times. Please watch for announcements on facebook, our temporary website:  as well as any e-mail we send via mail chimp.

The board is sending out positive vibes, wishes, and prayers that you and your loved ones stay healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.

David Hanc 
President of Maine Coast Men