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Spring weekend 2018 workshops.

Workshop ideas bubbling up to the surface:

CATCH THE CANNONBALL – On the artistic wild side. Costume, music, voices, dance, drumming. Thinking about using “The Weight” by the band because guys will all know the song and its sadness and humanity will resonate even though it may be incongruous. As a final act in a 20 minute performance it might work. Listen to this spare, beautifully simple version by Riki Lee Jones….

A PASSION FOR DABBLING IN EVERYTHING – Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) was shocked when a woman at one of her seminars on following your passion stood up and said, “I don’t have one, I have twenty. Don’t tell me I have to pick one!” There are alot of us who don’t fit the mold of goal-setting, focused achievers. If you’re still wondering what you’re going to be when you grow up, you probably are a jack of all trades and possibly an unacknowledged master of more than one trade.  We will share our experience, strength and hope for a world in which generalists can find their place.

FORGING PASSIONS OUT OF HEAT AND DARKNESS: This workshop will be held in the sauna. Bring a towel. Each person comes with their own passions and desires. Some like jazz, others classical or even rock. Some men like solitude and others community or partnership. Just come with a desire to hear each other’s passions and be intrigued by how varied we can be in our desires. 

FRICTION FIRE: To be like an Indian. To me the meaning of Indian is really a person who lives and knows his area. To be indigenous to your area you would know about all of the resources in that place. Be a caretaker and nurturer of all of it’s gifts . To live in that balance . To not only survive but thrive in nature. The skills of survival are an art, a science, it’s a philosophy. It’s like entering the garden of Eden and going home. Our actions and attitudes towards our natural resources have to leave things as they were or better for all future generations.

This upcoming class out of this series will be on making a fire from friction with a bow drill.

You will learn and feel the excitement of creating that spirit energy of a fire.
By the end of the class you will create your own bow drill kit to bring home.
Supplies needed:
A 3″–5″ non locking blade knife, no folding knives please.
A pad and pencil
An open mind and heart
FINDING YOUR PASSION: An easy and fun exercise to determine what you want to do – what moves you. All you need is your imagination. Think big, going into the process with the attitude of “this or something better”. 

PROCESSING DEATH: We all have known people who have died and were important in our lives. Parents, friends, co-workers, family, and even pets (as they are often considered part of the family). How do we process this information? How do we move on? How does this death reflect our own mortality? Join us for a discussion of experiences that work or don’t work for you.

 MCM has lost many brothers through the years. Let’s get together and share our memories of these men to further honor those who have gone before us.   Let’s take some time and reflect how these memories can help motivate us to live fully.
HEALING WOUNDS OF THE PAST: I am passionate about healing wounds from my past and living as fully as possible.
I have found the Twelve Steps model a valuable resource in my process. I am offering a Twelve Step meeting workshop open to everyone, those who never attended a meeting, as well as those of any twelve step fellowship. I will begin the workshop with a brief description of the twelve steps, offer time for questions, and lead a meeting that will follow a format which includes reading from the daily meditations books. Please bring the daily reader for your fellowship(s), if you feel comfortable. Feel free to speak with me anytime prior to or during the weekend about the workshop. Giovanni; 593-6902


A PASSION FOR JUSTICE: Join an exploration of gender equity. Where are we? How do you feel about your role/ our roles, as men in the world of men and women?  Let’s examine some stories from the #me too movement, and come up with ideas.

LYME AND TICK-BORN DISEASES: Lyme and other tick borne diseases, ehrlichia,anaplasmosis, powassan, babesia are here in Mid Coast Maine.  Covered in the session will be risk, history, progression through Maine the tick, manifestations (fever myalgiasect) diagnosis, treatment, long term effects, history of the disease here, prevention, life cycle of the tick and complexity of tick-
mouse- deer system.


*THE BIG INFORMAL WORKSHOP — CONNECTING OVER THE WEEKEND – All weekend in all areas of the main lodge—which is the hangout space, near the kitchen, where you can get snack or a cup of coffee or hang out with the guys in the kitchen, or have informal conversations by the fire, or at one of the tables, or by the stove, or whatever, without disturbing someone else’s scheduled workshop. 
 SAUNA OPEN DURING WORKSHOP TIMES – We have access to a cozy sauna on site. This will be the spot for informal gatherings during each of the workshop slots so if you aren’t finding a drive to attend  a particular workshop, rest assured that the sauna will be an option. Of course, men are free to fire up the sauna and use it any time throughout the weekend.