Board Meeting

Fall 2011 Retreat

Fall 2011 weekend proceedings

–      and board meeting announcement

We convened as a small group (20 or a bit more), and had a great time (as best I could tell)!!  I found it deeply rewarding, and am grateful to be a part of you all.
One astute, longtime participant shared a perception of various glaring indicators, and called a Special Meeting, 1st thing Sat. morning,(which all, I think, attended.) It had a certain “crisis” flavor to it.
Here was expressed an immediate need to address, among other items:
  •  Low turnout/ low income vs. expense of Tanglewood.
  •  Confusion, in general, around finances.
  • Whether to raise the rate.
  • How to deal w/ scholarships, sliding scales, and slumping attendance….
  • Indication by some “officers” (is there a better term?) that they would like to pass the torch.
  • A certain lack of board activity.
  • Group photo availability frustration.
  • Whether Maine Coast Men is to continue, in its present guise, or at all.
Here, we took a vote, and all but one voted to keep MCM afloat.  (It was generally agreed we have something very special here, and that if we let it go… it may never be regained.) The “one” said “alter the form”, and, at a later (Sat. at 4pm) brainstorming session, suggested going to one weekend per year. This was carefully considered, and for the time being, discarded.
By the way, I have a list that was worked up during this brainstorm. I was asked by one person to “put it on the web”, and will see if I can delegate this….We decided that, considering our present circumstance, we needed, among other life support-type measures, to appoint some freaking officers (not to sound dramatic).That list includes:
  • Lew McGregor as poo-bah (is that what it’s called?) Assuming Ham will be poo-bah-too
  • Ben Rehmeyer as Registrar and web-master (I want to hear some major cheering here!)
  • Ian Collins as Treasurer (thankyouthankyou)
  • Dan Kirchoff to continue as Brochure Genius
  • Joe Rehmeyer as Tanglewood Liaison and smoother-outer

As you may guess, the items that will be sent to the board to decide could fill a book. I don’t think I can list it all here, so please thank your board members, when you see them at the weekend, or at the local strip-club.

Next weekend’s tasks/committees include:

  • Fri. eve. meet/greet: Ian
  • Workshop guy: Joe R.
  • Sat. breakfast crew: Tom J, and Lock
  • Sat. lunch head: Dan E.
  • SAT. DINNER… …Brad is the man, but “is looking for help”
  • Sun. breakfast: Dan K, with Brad keeping the Sunday brunch cohesion.
  • A special thanks to Phil, for taking care of my composty-type duty, when I was wondering what exactly, had hit me.
  • Charles, your timing and conviction was critical.
  • Vincent, thanks for carrying me.

Latest Board list:

  • Ham
  • Lew
  • Brad
  • Carl S
  • Charles
  • Dan K
  • Dan W
  • Dan E
  • Frank
  • Ian
  • John Mc
  • Richard C
  • Sepp
  • Thomas

If you want to contact a board member (please do) for any reason, and lack contact info, please get in touch with me, I’ll help.

Please correct me if I’m wrong on any of the stuff in this little report….
We thought we’d try just committing to 2 weekends worth (one year) of officer-ship at a time, for now.
If you know of a good future candidate, please let us know. If we start grooming our replacements now, it may make for a healthier organization…..

DATE OF NEXT WEEKEND: May 4-5-6, 2012
Registration price, as of today (board will be reviewing this) is $80.
Please register, early, on line at or with Ben at “nzzben-at-gmail-dot-com”

Ben will also send out a group photo of our weekend just passed, and will send out minutes, after each board meeting.   WOW.

I imagine I missed stuff. For instance I didn’t mention what turned out to be an amazing variety show… I’m blown away by the talent we come out with.
Feel free to send critique etc. to “lew-at-midcoast-dot-com

Also, I realize some may take offense at my clumsy re-telling, and perception of events. I ask for their indulgence.
This is a poignant time. I can only guess, as a pretty new participant, what it must be like, for some, to watch this venerable group phenomenon come to the brink.

Take care, and honor your brothers (and sisters).

Til soon,


IMPORTANT Postscript Board Meeting Sunday October 23rd 6pm in Belfast at Frank’s office :
We hereby announce a meeting, actually a very important one, so please be there, at Frank Lehman’s tax office (assuming all can find, in Belfast, please ask if not).
Large on the agenda are the changes we went through, this past weekend.
We came away with a sizable do-list for the board, which I thought we might deal with by prioritizing: most important to hopefully be dealt with on Sunday, somehow, with the rest of the list relegated to 2nd or 3rd priority, for later meetings.
I look forward to us all setting agenda, as we meet/greet/eat in the potluck way, this Sunday, at 6pm. Finish-time TBD by us.
Frank, thank you for making us welcome, after the other venue didn’t pan out, and we twisted your arm.
I look forward to our working together,
Lew McGregor

PS: Other “members” are welcome, and I’m letting Carl S. and Dan E. know, by phone.

PPS:  It’s an honor to be amongst you.