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Maine Coast Men “Quaran Teaming” ZOOM Presentation with George Aguiar

Friday, November 20, 2020, 7 p.m.

QuaranTeaming: Thinking about and forming Pandemic Pods to get thru a Maine wintah.

On October 26, 2020 Dr. Anthony Fauci stated it will be “several months into 2021” before a vaccine becomes more widely available.

… and that puts us smack dab at the beginning of bug season facing another Tanglewoodless MCM retreat weekend with a loooooong Maine winter ahead while the Corona silently meanders thru Maine.

MCM’s antidote?
MCM’s MiniSeries Workshop “QuaranTeaming: Forming Pandemic Pods to get thru Maine winter, 2020/21.”

The goal of this zoom facilitated discussion is that each of us will leave the workshop able to make better informed personal decisions regarding our social interactions and circles in the time of Corona.

Clearly, we will not be returning to life pre-2020 any time soon and this is an opportunity to share with your MCM brothers your thoughts and feelings about this important and timely matter.

We’ll talk about • Agreeing on what is important and what is not • Managing risk • Choosing Pod Mates: Who is “safe”? • Pod Size • Clear rules • What to do when … With George Aguiar
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MCM Community and Friends,
Maine Coast Men will be hosting a series of 2-hour presentations via Zoom. The purpose is to stay connected and support each other during these difficult times. Included will be check ins, presentations and discussions.

◘ Nov 20, 2020, Fri 7-9 pm
“Quaran Teaming”
with George Aguiar (see above)

◘ Dec 17,2020, Thu 7-9 pm
Open Topic/Check-In
with David Hanc

◘ Jan 22, 2021, Fri 7-9 pm
“Frances Weller on Grief”
with Tom Jamrog

◘ Feb 25, 2021, Thu 7-9 pm Topic TBA