Board Meeting

Board Mtg Nov 2011

Hi Guys,

Here’s the best I can do in the board-meeting-minutes dept. Let’s hope it’s as good for you as it is for me. Ahem.

On Nov 20, we met at the hallowed lair of Frank, tax-guy.   Present were Lew M, Ham N, Brad P, Carl S, Dan K, Frank L, and Ian C. A potluck meal was thoroughly enjoyed.

Addressed at the meet:

Ian presented the best we have so far, treasury-wise. He and Richard, our out-going Treasurer, have been trying to meet, and Ian suggested they actually will, “soon”. Apparently, a recent get-together was sabotaged, at the last minute, by some kind of diabolically driven squirrel… or something along those lines.
Hopefully, he will submit hard cold numbers, particularly to Ben R, soon.   I did see some numbers-on-a-pad, and a checkbook, and got the impression that we’re on neutral ground regarding finances (a full accounting, after the last weekend, is still pending.) Ian also briefed the board on the need to provide the bank with a letter, authorizing a change of officers. Regarding officership, Ian does have an assistant/protege’ in Don Morrison.

Lew was prompted to prompt the entire list, that is Everyone receiving this, to lean into recruitment, or sharing how important MCM is to you, with the goal of increasing participation.
As much as some guys have shown appreciation for small groups, fact is we need to increase our numbers!!

We renewed our commitment to reach out to long time participants who have not appeared at recent weekends, and to ask them for help expanding.

Dan K suggested new thinking, i.e. recruiting entire men’s groups, and offering modest discounts for groups who register together (money, sent out in an envelope.), early.
Also, Dan will create a poster that will be offered to “core guys”, to copy and share, advertising our wonderful weekend.
Ham will start a rough draft for a letter the board can work with, to send along with the poster.
The 3rd item in the mailing will be the latest brochure.  We noted how happy we are to have an enthusiastic program commitee that’s already developed a theme, and a ready to go, very soon, brochure in our midst.     (by the way Dan, did we plan to put poster up on website, so any web-active guy can share this {“core” or not} ?)  (Hello Ben).

Brad submitted food paperwork, which was seamlessly synthesized by the treasurer.

Latest needs, regarding Tanglewood liaison work, were addressed, and treasury will be connecting with Joe R, soon.

We tied up loose ends from last meeting, and tabled other concerns till our next meet, which is scheduled for Sun, Feb 5, from 6-8.  Tentative venue is Ham’s house. He will let us know whether this will work.  I assume it will include a potluck.

I’d like to report my enjoyment of this board meeting, and to remind everyone that all men are welcome to attend.      Thanx,  lew

Maine Coast Men Board Meeting October 23, 2011
Board Members Present: Lew, Vince, Brad, Charles, Frank, Dan, Dan, Carl, Ham

This meeting was called by Lew who had a lot of business earmarked for the board after the last weekend. After some review of the issues forwarded to the board by the membership at large we lumped the issues into three broad categories and prioritized them as follows:
1. Finance
How to increase weekend revenue
Measure to automatically cancel weekend if some minimum threshold of participation is not satisfied
Treasurer position
2. Weekend Operations
Review duty roster
Timeline for getting out promotional materials for the weekend
3. Board, Officers (organizational structure) and protocol
Measure regarding term limits for Board members
Measure regarding term limits for officers
Measure to send Board minutes out to the general membership
Items for new Tanglewood Liason
Given the amount of material to cover we adopted a loose approximation of Roberts Rules and asked Charles to moderate the meeting which he agreed to do.
Though it wasn’t a priority item, it was decided to vote on term limits for the board members. The motion to limit board participation to two (2) consecutive weekends was defeated by simple majority after a discussion.
In a related piece of business relating to transparency, a motion to distribute the board minutes to the entire MCM membership was discussed and passed by simple majority
A motion to raise the “tuition” for the weekend to $100 per man was discussed in the context of declining participation and revenue jeopardizing the ability to pay for our expenses. The discussion of how to get more men to participate was good but inconclusive. The motion was amended to allow a 10% discount for men who register and pay for the weekend 30 days prior to the first day of the gathering. This motion was approved with its amendment by unanimous consent.

A measure to automatically cancel the weekend if certain conditions are not met was brought before the board from the business meeting at the weekend. A motion to trigger an automatic cancellation of the weekend if an insufficient numbers of registrants were signed up a week before the gathering was made. Discussion revolved on the previous resolution to raise the fee and recognize that many times only half of the participants register for any given weekend (hence the amendment incentivizing early registration). Possible conflict with established Tanglewood policy and a general feeling that cancelling a weekend should be undertaken with a certain degree of deliberation were also given as reasons not to adopt the motion. The motion was defeated by simple majority.
A motion was made that two men (at any one time) be authorized to use the checkbook and be familiarized and up-to-date with the account details and that any disbursement besides those for the mailing & brochure production, food, Tanglewood fees, or insurance be approved by a quorum of the Board. Motion passed unanimously.
MCM Weekend Operations
A reading of the duty roster was suggested and done
A discussion of specific timeline for weekend brochure production and mailing was tabled for the new officers in charge of those functions to discuss and recommend to the board
A motion was made to remove the words ”simple vegetarian meals’ from the brochure in favor of something more attractive (to be decided by Dan Kirchoff) was passed by unanimous consent
Board, Officers and Structure of MCM
A motion to specify that two officers be selected for each post (coffemeister, “poo bah”, Liason, treasurer, registrar, etc) one of whom leaves after two weekends (1 calendar year) at which point a replacement is named. The new pair work for 2 weekends together at which point the senior officer is replaced. Continuity was mentioned as the purpose for this arrangement. Motion passed unanimously.
Ham and Lew volunteered to be co facilitators (Poo Bahs) for the next couple weekends.
At this point, further business was tabled until another meeting scheduled for Sunday Nov 20th at 6:00 PM at Frank’s office in Belfast.