Board Meeting

Spring 2012 Retreat

The Maine Coast Men theme for the Spring Weekend 2012 of Resetting Your Personal GPS (Growth Potential Stimulator) was a resounding success. The weekend was well attended by about 40 men. Everyone enjoyed having a safe place to be open, respected and loved for his true self in a learning environment.
The workshops that were presented definitely changed the direction of the GPS of each man! The workshops that occurred were Ben R for “Extreme Bocci Tournament”, Charles G. for “Hospice”, Richard G. for “With This Ring I…”, Lew Mc. for ” Reset Your GPS Easily, Anytime, Anywhere with Movement Explore Trager’s”, Joe for “40 Shirts” and “Cards and MiniMasterpieces”, Hank H. for “Questions to Ask Yourself”, Espahbad D. and Richard G. for “Make a Mask Uniquely Yours”, Lock for “Stimulating Your Passion Bring One”, Tomas Levesque for “Thrive”, Dave Kirkham for “Outside Your Mind”, and Dan Kirchoff for “West African Drum Rhythms”. We thank the workshop facilitators for their stellar presentations.
The Program Committee will soon be gathering to forge a new theme for the MCM Fall Weekend of October 12-14, 2012. As soon as the theme is solidified it will be posted right here on the front page of our web site in the month of July. So stay tuned and check back!
If anyone has a suggestion for a possible theme please send it to Joe at before our next meeting on June. 24th. Your ideas will certainly be considered.

Thank you, The Program Committee (Joe R. John C. Richard G. Hank L. Tom J. Espahbad D. and Dave K.)