On a good weekend we have about 2000 years of experience and wisdom present! Surely one reason we come to Maine Coast Men weekends is to gain as well as to share wisdom, insights and passions with each other.

So this weekend, let’s share (at least one) significant part of our collective wisdom and passion in this way: Let’s have every participant bring a item of value from their past that has a story they can share that they are also willing to donate to our first MCM auction. Immediately prior to each item being auctioned off at various times during the weekend, the story behind the item must be told by the donor.

In this way we can share a meaningful part of our lives with the other men at the weekend. So, when preparing to come for the weekend, plan to bring an item and the story behind it (auction-able value at least $10) from your past that you are happy to donate to this MCM Wisdom Sharing Project for this upcoming spring weekend.

The proceeds from this weekend auction will go to making sure that MCM remains financially solvent for the foreseeable future as well as allowing us to provide scholarships to men who need them. And to make participation in the auction easy and available to us all, we will provide every man with 10 MCM dollars so that everyone can participate in the auction.

Put the dates on your calendar: May 5, 6 and 7. 

More will be revealed.  Stay tuned.

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